Bytecoin Gateway


Bytecoin Gateway is a cross-blockchain platform that bridges Bytecoin and Ethereum blockchains.

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Recent operations

This dashboard sources live information from the Ethereum smart contract and Bytecoin auditable wallet.


What is Bytecoin Gateway?

Bytecoin Gateway is a cross-blockchain platform that bridges Bytecoin and Ethereum blockchains. It establishes a 1-to-1 relationship between BCN on the Bytecoin blockchain and a corresponding BCN20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How does BCN back BCN20?

A backing amount of BCN has been placed on Bytecoin’s view-only auditable wallet. This amount can be viewed live in the right column or verified with Bytecoin Desktop by downloading it and opening a corresponding auditable wallet.

What are the benefits of using BCN20?

Bytecoin Gateway:
  • facilitates cross-chain expansion;
  • amplifies presence and trading convenience;
  • Increases Bytecoin’s functionality.

What is a Bytecoin auditable wallet?

It is a view-only wallet that has recently been implemented by the Bytecoin devs. Read more here.

When and where can I buy BCN20?

BCN20 will become available soon, stay tuned. Subscribe below to get notified.

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